Why we’re different

Our passion

You’re different

What makes the Hereford Group unique is not the kind of financial products we offer. Anyone could sell them. And everybody does.

It’s the ones we’ll offer you.

Because unlike most others, we understand that you’re different. Your particular financial reality, fears, hopes and dreams are yours alone. So we listen before we advise. We ask questions before we provide solutions. And we don’t just listen to you – with one ear constantly on the ground to the latest changes in the financial sector, we’re always sharpening our skills and broadening our knowledge so that when we do advise you, we’ll be presenting you with the best advice.

With over 20 years of success in growing, managing and preserving wealth, we’re still passionate about creating financial freedom for each of our clients.

It’s what we love to do. And it’s what we’re really good at.

Asking the right questions takes as much skill as giving the right answers.

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Our people

We’re different

We’re as unique as our clients. So instead of expecting everyone to be equally skilled at everything, we expect every employee and advisor to be exceptional in at least one area of our business.

This has led to us creating specialist business units that work together to provide the best all-round financial solution, every time. Each solution is uniquely and independently structured, complemented by the skills of specialist advisors.

With nationwide branches across South Africa, our team remains exactly that – a team. Together, we commit to never stop learning. To keep sharpening our skills and knowledge to keep pace with our ever-changing industry. To embrace any changes that will lead to greater effectiveness and return for our clients.

The Hereford Group has over 20 years in the market, creating financial freedom and an environment with the value system. All business units are available to at any point to provide you with peace of mind and transparency from the consultant to the pillar specialist and the CEO, if you need the answer, it is always avaiable during our journey together. Everyone at Hereford Group follows the same value system every day, always stay humbled and grounded.

The Hereford Group

Creating Financial Freedom

CEO, Michael Dundulakis, talks about growth culture at Hereford.

Our management team

Expect different results

Our performance

Established in February 1995, the Hereford Group has not only survived 20 years of tumultuous markets, it has thrived – experiencing exponential growth across all three major centers of South Africa, namely Johannesburg, Cape and Durban.

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