Will Drafting

Your will is one of the most important documents you will prepare during your lifetime. Who will administer your estate and have control over it? Who will you appoint as suitable guardians for any minor children? To whom will your assets be distributed? Failure to draw up a proper will can lead to disastrous and unintended consequences, at a time when your family is most vulnerable.It’s therefore critical that you use a professional to draft your will. Our specialist attorneys are at hand to guide you through this important process, ensuring that your will complies with the strict legal formalities prescribed by the Wills Act and also ensuring that effect is given to your true wishes, as simply and clearly as possible.

Trust Creation

A trust is an important part of any client’s estate plan, providing the only legal vehicle by which a client can divest himself of his assets, yet still remain involved in their day-to-day management. Our trust specialists will ensure that your trust deed is tailored exactly according to your wishes and will guide you through the process of creating your trust.

Trust Administration

No matter how well your trust deed is prepared, it will all come to nothing if the trust is not properly administered. The greatest danger facing most clients who create trusts to house their wealth is the trust being successfully attacked as their alter ego, rendering the trust null and void ab initio. To avoid this, it is essential that trustees are always kept involved in the trust’s decisions and administration, guarding against any attack on the trust on the basis that only one trustee is making the decisions and administering the trust. We make this aspect easier – thanks to secure cloud storage of all the important documents (which all trustees can access), and our electronic signing platform.

Deceased Estate Administration

Our deceased administration department offers a professional, efficient and personal service in administering deceased estates. The process is overseen by qualified and experienced estate attorneys with specialist knowledge in estate administration, estate duty and capital gains tax.

A fiduciary can be defined as someone who has undertaken to act on behalf of another in a particular matter that gives rise to a relationship of trust and confidence. It’s this trust and confidence that underpins the service we offer.

– Michael Dundulakis

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