Administrative services

Accredited with all the major administration platforms, we’re able to provide objective independent advice on a suitable fund administrator.

Group Risk Services

Hereford Corporate can work with any risk provider. When we are required to act as a broker, we are able to negotiate impressive risk rates and strategic benefit structuring with all the major life companies.

Actuarial Services

We’re able to work with any actuary but have access to our own in-house actuarial team.

Investment Consulting

We’ll assist you in creating a compelling investment risk profile for your retirement fund and establish a potent investment strategy. From regularly reporting on fund returns and market trends to offering specific investment recommendations, we remain committed and involved long after your solution is in place.

Asset and Liability Consulting

Asset-Liability Modeling is a sophisticated statistical technique that aims to provide clients with an investment strategy that is suited to their unique liabilities.

Member Net Replacement Ratios

The definition for net replacement ratio is the percentage of working income that an individual needs to invest in order to maintain the same standard of living in retirement.

Financial Management Workshops

Geared towards empowering employees with the necessary tools to implement a holistic financial plan, we’ll deal with issues of investment planning, retirement planning and general financial matters.

One-on-One Financial Planning

Besides individualised retirement fund advice, each member will have access to financial professionals who are able to assist them in setting and achieving their long-term financial goals.

All costing Analysis

Costs levied against a retirement fund have the effect of reducing retirement benefits payable to members on retirement. Such costs are deducted from recurring contributions and or investment returns. For example research has shown that if the annual charges levied against a share of fund over a 40 year period are reduced from 2.5 per cent to 0.5 per cent the final retirement proceeds would be enhanced by 60%.

“Employee benefits come in a bewildering variety, but if structured correctly, they can significantly improve the quality of work-life and workforce while adding real financial value too. The end result? Happier staff, healthier work relations and a holistic financial plan for all.”

Shan Nissiotis