Living Will: What are they? Do you need one?

We will all die. We have limited control over what will eventually kill us and when, but there is something that we can do now, whilst we are still physically and mentally capable of doing so, to express our wishes as to whether we elect to be kept alive by artificial means.

Financial Success, Luck or Skill?

As a financial advisor, I am often surprised by how much money some of my clients who don’t earn much have built up, and how little capital some clients with huge incomes have managed to amass. How is it possible that a client who has been a teacher for all of his working life can…

Tax Efficient Investments

I know that “Tax Season” is over and that the big push for Retirement Annuities has now tapered off. However, Retirement Annuities are not the only tax efficient vehicles used in the investment space. Below is a useful summary of the more common investment vehicles with a tax saving element.