With over 20 years of hard-earned experience, we have developed a unique business model with respect to both independent brokers and financial service business owners. Our models cater for an association or a partnership with Hereford. Both models are primarily aimed at relieving the burden of the common challenges faced within the financial services industry through practice management.

Integrated Partners

Any business goes through a series of growth stages and, while the ultimate objective of a business is to grow, this growth is not always economically viable. The burden of adopting new costs is sometimes simply not viable. For many it is at this stage that the broker starts considering mergers or joining larger more established operations, or networks, especially when there are guarantees of possible ownership and profit share.

Independent associates

For some, a partnership is not an option. Much like the Integrated Partner however, growth becomes a challenge especially when one is wanting to embrace new, unexplored and possibly expensive business offerings. These areas include specialist corporate benefits, medical aid, high net-worth investment advice and actuarial support, as well as short-term offerings.