Any business goes through a series of growth stages and, while the ultimate objective of a business is to grow, this growth is not always economically viable. The burden of adopting new costs is sometimes simply not viable. For many it is at this stage that the broker starts considering mergers or joining larger more established operations, or networks, especially when there are guarantees of possible ownership and profit share.

An Integrated Partner joins the Hereford distribution platform as a representative and can expect the following benefits:

Compliance services

This would be fulfilled via the company on behalf of the Integrated Partner, saving cost and time.

Admin Support


The Integrated Partner would be offered the opportunity to work directly from the Hereford Distribution offices where all facilities would be provided.

Specialist Solutions

Hereford offers all representatives direct support and access to: Corporate Benefit Services, including complete administrative facilities on funds;Medical Aid facilitation, both sales and servicing;Investment and Actuarial services;Legal Services;Risk and estate assistance

Profit Share

Succession Planning

Once an Integrated Partner joins the company, full access to a larger, more advanced distribution platform is afforded. The Integrated Partner may structure the succession plan to suit their personal requirements or they may wish to pass their book onto another representative. An appropriate transaction will be facilitated through the company.
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