For some, a partnership is not an option. Much like the Integrated Partner however, growth becomes a challenge especially when one is wanting to embark into new, unexplored and possibly expensive business offerings. These areas include specialist corporate benefits, medical aid, high net-worth investment advice and actuarial support as well as short-term offerings.

Independent Associates can make use of the Hereford facilities via their Hereford BC. As there are three levels of BC within the Hereford platform, the allocated BC would act as a business advisor and request other specialists within the structure to assist where necessary.

Although Independent Associates essentially continue to function as independent FSPs, they can make use of the Hereford Distribution platform which includes:

  • Corporate Benefit Solutions inclusive of servicing and administrative functions
  • Medical aid sales and servicing assistance
  • Short-term services
  • Succession Planning– the Independent Associate may wish to place their business into the Hereford Structure at a certain point in their business cycle. This will be facilitated through company structures.