One’s greatest asset is a piece of mind. Skilled at managing the personal wealth and associated complexities of high-net-worth individuals and families, our Hereford Private Wealth Management specialists provide an unparalleled level of personalized service and expertise.

As your financial concierge, here are some of the ways our private wealth specialists can help you achieve true peace of mind.


We provide through-the-line bespoke support to ensure the correct structuring and management of risk, asset management, legal and tax affairs for businesses, trusts and personal dealings.

Asset Protection

A trust (being distinct from any one individual) remains one of the few legal entities in the country that can offer an individual total asset protection. Legally mitigating an individual’s risk, we can thus ensure that all businesses, properties, investments and other assets are owned in the appropriate trusts and corporate structures.

Estate & tax planning

Capital gains tax, estate duty and executor fees payable on the death of an individual are fees and taxes that we can significantly minimise through the establishment of the correct corporate and trust structures. These corporate and trust structures will dovetail with your Last Will & Testament.

Succession Planning

Have you considered that your business structures do not necessarily guarantee that your assets will flow to your beneficiaries upon your death, disability or serious illness? Let us take care of putting the correct corporate structures and necessary agreements in place to ensure that your benefits will continue to flow toward your beneficiaries, whilst keeping costs, taxes and duties to a minimum.

It is crucial that income producing or appreciating assets owned are correctly structured to ensure that a legacy is created and that the assets are not sold, very often way below market value, to meet creditor’s claims or to cover taxes, costs and duties which so often arise.

– Daniel Garrioch
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